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Our Story

It all began in 2011 when our founder, Raquel, went for a trip on the California coast.

She had amazing experiences in the vacation rentals where she stayed and the dream of having her own vacation rental was born.

Fast forward to today and that dream as came true!

Our apartment in Vilamoura was the first one of our vacation rentals! With a lot of work and do it yourselves, the apartment was transformed in a bright and stylish home to welcome guests from all over the world!

After that first stepping stone, the dream got bigger and Raquel and her family decided to renovate their big family home in Faro and give it a purpose that would honor her Grandparents, to welcome Guests and show them what the Algarve has to offer !

Our Guesthouse Story

A family of 7, the Grandmother, the Grandfather and their 5 kids used to live in our lovely À da Avó - The Guesthouse! When my Grandparents passed away, me and my parents wanted to give the home a new life. It is very big and bright, as were their previous owners. It's a home that deserves to be seen and lived in, in a city that has seen us grow and as also grown with us: Faro.

Our home was built in 1955, by my Grandfather, and it's very spacious, it has several bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and dining room, four bathrooms, garden and terrace. 

À da Avó  means at Grandma's house and it was how me and my cousins talked about the house. It is not the portuguese correct way to say it, it is a typical expression from our local dialect. 

À da Avó - The Guesthouse, has 7 rooms and welcomes a maximum of 14 guests. Our house is located 15/20 minutes walking distance from the center and parking in the area is free. Faro is a small and incredible full of charm city where you can enjoy sunny weather most of the year, visit Ria Formosa and the islands / beaches, eat fresh and flavorful fish and seafood, sightsee a lot of interesting places and is also a great central location to explore the rest of the Algarve (the train station is 10 minutes walking distance from our home and access to Via do Infante is 5 minutes away by car).

À da Avó - The GuestHouse has opened its doors to guests and friends in 2017. Later we decided to expand and opened another Guesthouse in the Groundfloor of À da Avó, with 3 suites with private bathrooms and a shared kitchen, living room and backyard. Obviously, it is called Groundfloor ;)

Besides this, we have also  other options of places to stay, that you can book in our Book Now section! You can also know some more of our family stories in our blog posts.

Located in the Algarve, À da Avó Vacation Rentals are an ode to good living in 

very cosy, stylish and charming homes!

If you stay with us, you can expect us to do our best to help you experience and get to know Portugal in a genuine and authentic way. 


Raquel, Graça & Zé Carlos

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